The next two times I did not fall for it, but used the e-mail as a reminder to renew [I do not consider Match subscription rates so high, especially compared to what a weekend of bar hopping or other “search” activity costs nowadays. Before I go on to why I rated Match 4 stars, permit me to comment that none of the females who had contacted me had responded to me in any way whatsoever, so www.AdultFrinendFinder.org yet..and few days ago i ran ito his profile on POF …with the same lies about the age and religouse. the point of the story is that if u see that someone lies even about the minor things just leaaaave..dont sat and hope that it was nothing and the only lie he said.. specially when it comes to religion yes religioun is deal breaker for sure.. p.s. what about cpmplaints from the guys that www.AdultFrinendFinder.org honest with himself then he would have spared me the heartache. He’s still on there, why I couldn’t tell you he dates about every 1 or 2 years maybe to show his family he actually want’s to date, but in reality he doesn’t really want to and says he’s just picky so breaks up with women for no actual reason after several months. The point is honestly if it is not one thing it is the other, www.AdultFrinendFinder.org www.AdultFrinendFinder.org