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about a year and a half. During that time I did not see any shady practices on behalf of Match.com and I was quite satisfied with the site. I have heard that they changed their method of handling email for non-subscribers lately which, if true, is disapointing. Unfortunately people see online dating commercials, and how nice they look, then they forget what the world is really like, and www AdultFriendFinder cm October 29, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) The matching system is a joke. There were a lot of people on there that couldn’t just accept that you weren’t interested. If you didn’t write them back..they would keep messaging you.. until you had to get mean or block them.. and then they would come back and make another profile account with fake pics and message you again.When www AdultFriendFinder cm (Plenty Of Fish) I have tried POF for about six months. The men I met did not look like their pictures…they were about 10 years older than depicted. Being old fashioned, I preferred to wait until a man contacted me. That didn’t happen too often. I met about 5 men in person. After a nice conversation over an ice tea, and a promise of “I’ll call you,” I would not hear from the person again. www AdultFriendFinder cm www AdultFriendFinder cm