or AIM I avoided dating at all. Always keep your own saftey in mind, especialy be careful about giving out personal info like your home address, or your primary email address that would be really inconvenient to cancel if you needed to. At the same time realize there are some amazing people to be found. In my year and a half on the site I met about 10 people in person, 1 is my current girlfriend www.AdultFr a lot of them had stuff to hide. It’s all a damn joke. Reviewed By Rebecca New York Sex Female Rating ***** Date October 28, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) It’s great this site is a free site. But as with with any online site, do not give out personal information. Have a very casual meet with the person if they seem OK during the day. It should not be classified as a www.AdultFr will tell you they want a relationship and want to meet and have you spend money on them but when it comes to dating there is always an excuse. I have heard stories about the guys on POF only looking for a one-night-stand, but the women only seem to want someone to buy them a meal. It’s a joke, nothing but misrepresentation of who people are. Reviewed By lstangelgirl California Sex Female www.AdultFr www.AdultFr