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complaints on this website are in the public’s eye view. No only does Match’s customer service team read these reviews but members of the media and potential customers read these reviews as well. Do you remember last year when Michael from Dallas, a customer service rep for Match came out here and defended Match’s practices? Yes, I agree with Scott’s statement. Match used to be a great website. www Adult Friend Finder you anyway. I believe there are truly some decent people on this site, but they are over shadowed by the shallow ones. Character and integrity go farther than looks; looks eventually do fade; then what. Besides everyone can’t stay a size 5 forever or have washboard abs. Eventually, everyone ages and you will need a lot more than looks to sustain a relationship. How about commitment, God-fearing, www Adult Friend Finder Rating ***** Date May 17, 2011 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) Dont waste your time on this skank site. Every damn woman claims to want a “genuine funny honest man”, every single profile is the same but its all lies, they all want some real hot guy so if you aint a model you are wasting your time trust me. there must be a ratio of at least 20 men to 1 woman so they can be picky www Adult Friend Finder www Adult Friend Finder