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complaints on this website are in the public’s eye view. No only does Match’s customer service team read these reviews but members of the media and potential customers read these reviews as well. Do you remember last year when Michael from Dallas, a customer service rep for Match came out here and defended Match’s practices? Yes, I agree with Scott’s statement. Match used to be a great website. www Adult Friend Finder you anyway. I believe there are truly some decent people on this site, but they are over shadowed by the shallow ones. Character and integrity go farther than looks; looks eventually do fade; then what. Besides everyone can’t stay a size 5 forever or have washboard abs. Eventually, everyone ages and you will need a lot more than looks to sustain a relationship. How about commitment, God-fearing, www Adult Friend Finder Rating ***** Date May 17, 2011 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) Dont waste your time on this skank site. Every damn woman claims to want a “genuine funny honest man”, every single profile is the same but its all lies, they all want some real hot guy so if you aint a model you are wasting your time trust me. there must be a ratio of at least 20 men to 1 woman so they can be picky www Adult Friend Finder www Adult Friend Finder

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that freedom they can explore many different social paths. Along the way these younger people can make many friends. With a sea of friends you’ll have a good chance of finding a date for saturday night. In case you haven’t figured out this one, this website is a better place to complain about Match or any other internet baiting service. There’s 1 BIG reason that supports my statement. The www Adult Frend Finder as a person(s) who has self-esteem and confidence issues. You do not have to be a GQ model or a Vogue model to have confidence. So what, if someone does not like the way I look. It still does not take away from the person I am; nor does it take away from the person you are. If a person wants to be superficial and passes you by, then let them keep right on movin; they were not the one for www Adult Frend Finder a fake profile with some hot guy and sent the same mail to the woman that ignored me put very little on my profile and only said “hey” in the email and wouldnt you know it they all replied. How odd so when you read the headlines asking for “funny genuine guy” just beware that its BS and they want some super hot stud not a funny genuine person AVOID THIS SITE GUYZ Reviewed By Jacob Sex Male www Adult Frend Finder www Adult Frend Finder


I’ve noticed Match has lost a lot of it’s members. From the results of my saved searches, Match has lost about 10% of it’s availible members. Making members pay their membership fee in order to view their emails was a real good idea! I agree with the poster who said, Match and Internet dating isn’t really suited for anyone who’s under 35. People in their 20’s have a lot of freedom. With sdultFriendFinder makes me believe that we would not be a good match. Example, if I desire a relationship and he wants casual dating then I already know that the two of us do not want the same thing and it is a waste of my time and his to try to pursue something when we both already know we don’t want the same thing. Now, for the individuals that post fake pictures and profiles; shame on you. I view that sdultFriendFinder results on this site: Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp __________________________________________________________ Reviewed By Steve2 Sex Male Rating ***** Date May 20, 2011 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) I joined the site with the best intentions but after a month of messaging woman and getting ignored I got disillusioned despite being okay looking so set up sdultFriendFinder sdultFriendFinder

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is just disconnected from it’s customers. Match’s disconnection from it’s customers is going to lead them into a legal battle. Match’s failure to label paying customers’ profiles is considered a deceptive business practice and deceptive business practices are illegal in all states. I guess Match has money to throw at appealing a Judge’s ruling. I actually came here to write a review because sdult Friend Finder I do not take it personally nor does it take away form the woman that I am. I think we should all take this attitude. Everyone has there preference of who and what they like; just be honest about it. I try to respond to everyone that writes me whether I am interested or not. If I decide not to pursue a conversation with someone it is mostly because of something that is in your profile that sdult Friend Finder to work. I had a one night stand and i wasn’t even there. The ladies are low, and want to be players. Its not a very good site even though its free.. I QUIT…. Reviewed By Need WindBreaker USA Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 20, 2011 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) Believe I have expressed this before, but what’s the first word that comes to mind when I look at my search sdult Friend Finder sdult Friend Finder


It seems to me that Match has little regard for your needs as a customer. The most common site improvement requests by the customers have been ignored by Match. Has Match ever installed an email filtering system or labeled paying members profiles? About the only thing they’re trying to improve is the search system. In which case the search system was alright in the first place. I think Match dultFriendFinder experience with online dating, and I promise it is my very last. Reviewed By Trinitee11 Raleigh Sex Female Rating ***** Date October 29, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) I have read many of the reviews on this site and found them to be quite interesting. Many of the reviews have been negative, but it is opinions and everyone has one. I too have emailed men only to be ignored; dultFriendFinder kinda serious. The other player woman’s on here that i dated feel that i am a real good catch, and said how am i single line on me, just so i can talk to them,and all of them ended out being players. Even the fat ugly people i tried to talk to. One girl from Michigan had sex with her self over the phone, and said she was thinking about me, and then turn around and told me ah its not going dultFriendFinder dultFriendFinder

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match.com will be no more….who’s with me on this???? Reviewed By Mike Powers Homeland Security Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 19, 2006 permalink Visit Match.com Match and the other dating sites should do something about the Nigerian scammers because these people from Nigeria could be terrorist. I’d hate to see the internet dating industry become a monetary funnel for Jihads arms support. dult match maker well I guess we didn’t click. The rest of the men on the website were a bunch of a joke. 90% of them just would want to text, IM, and email. Everytime I would say “Hey, can I call.” Their response would be “Um, can’t gotta work tommorrow.” Ok lame excuse, so why are you still up texting me when we can just talk. But whatever, there are good men on their I believe so, but that was my 1st dult match maker Sex Male Rating ***** Date May 23, 2011 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) Full of Shit is what you need to call it. The females on there are all players. No one is looking for a relationship. I have dated on there and was seeing someone for 3 months. Find out she never took her profile off and made an argument just so she can go out on a date with an another men after we was dult match maker dult match maker

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detail, add people to your friends list, make yourself a webpage, and contact someone with usually quick responses (not wait 30 days for a pity letdown reply) of course, again – it’s for FREE!!!!!!!!!! Take that match, no more money (and time) wasted on your shitty service. People are starting to meet people on there and stray away from those ‘other’ dating services. Before you know it, dult Friend Finder stupid they are PAYBACK IS SWEET FOR THESE MATERIALISTIC SKANKS Reviewed By JazzyL Upstate New York Sex Female Rating ***** Date October 30, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) It is an (o.k.) site, I met one guy and he turned out to be a very educated man, and not to mention he was very attractive. But looks can only get you so far I say, but anyways our date was (o.k.) as dult Friend Finder he lied to me about his marital status. I did not find out until 10 months later. By then I was emotionally invested! He broke my heart and my spirit. Be very careful out there ladies, have a PI run a background investigation on any man you develop a serious relationship with.. Lots of Smoke and Mirrors! Be Careful, for many reasons! Good luck, love is hard to find! Reviewed By desto Michigan dult Friend Finder dult Friend Finder


place for meeting people near your city and with common interest – and it’s FREE!!!!!!! So, like many people are starting to wake up and say, “Screw you Match”… Myspace.com allows you to be creative and view a person’s personality with more than just a bunch of dumb, pointless, and vague questions. You can post blogs, write your favorite stuff, give real background of yourself with more AultFriendFinder genuine guy and wow read no reply I set up a fake profile with interests down as just “things” but nothing else, just a crap shitty profile but a hot pic and I swear after 4 hours I had 35 messages from woman who contacted me. Alll saying “wow you’re hot” or “fancy a chat” Even when I told them they stood no chance with me they loved it and emailed me more Its easy and shows how dumb and AultFriendFinder it is free so every Tom, Dick and Harry will be on there. In a 4 day period I received over 40 emails from men where most of them had difficulty making a complete sentence. This is not a site for educated women or men for that matter by any means. Also you need to watch out for the married men! I ended up dating a man from this site.. Let’s just say his name is Dan, and he is back on, and AultFriendFinder AultFriendFinder

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Reviewed By B Houston, Texas Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 19, 2006 permalink Visit Match.com All I have to say is that match.com is losing customers left and right – thanks to myspace.com. For years Match used desperate people like most of us, while emotionally scarring people (not to mention ripping us off), to make money off of our search for online ‘love’. Myspace is the perfect Ault Friend Finder feel the same, if you wrote time after time hand crafted emails only to be ignored (does it cost much to say no thanks?) or even worse unread but still deleted then you would get pissed. Dont preach to me when you have an inbox full of messages I am stunned by the shallowness on here, I mail alot of people with a decent profile and good pics to woman claiming to want love, romance, honest, Ault Friend Finder for her. I hope she finds out someday that shes married to a loser. I his profile he states that he “likes to help those that can’t help themselves” he should start by helping his poor wife. Reviewed By Sunandsand Fairfax VA Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 24, 2011 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) I found POF to have low quality people on the site overall. This could be because Ault Friend Finder Ault Friend Finder


“compromising”, and in the end still unhappy and they can’t figure out why. Anyone that has time left, no expectation, and feel duped out of money, I encourage you to do your part in making the site a joke whether that mean pissing off beautiful people with too much expectation by standing them up or just sending out winks that you have no intention of responding to if they are requoited. AudultFriendFinder driven and one dimensional enough as it is, POF has simply provided another platform for these types of women to display these traits. Reviewed By Tebow FLA Sex Male Rating ***** Date October 30, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) @ the woman bicthing about fake profiles, maybe if you got zero replies (from people who claim they want fun, happiness, romance etc) you might AudultFriendFinder only out to have sex and use women, his profile says divorced, he’s been married for over 15 yrs. (second marriage) has 4 kids, he does own a business, but I would venture to say that everything else on his profile is a lie. I did a background check on him to find all this out. I even phoned the home number and his wife answered. I didn’t say anything, just hung up, but I really feel sorry AudultFriendFinder AudultFriendFinder