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detail, add people to your friends list, make yourself a webpage, and contact someone with usually quick responses (not wait 30 days for a pity letdown reply) of course, again – it’s for FREE!!!!!!!!!! Take that match, no more money (and time) wasted on your shitty service. People are starting to meet people on there and stray away from those ‘other’ dating services. Before you know it, dult Friend Finder stupid they are PAYBACK IS SWEET FOR THESE MATERIALISTIC SKANKS Reviewed By JazzyL Upstate New York Sex Female Rating ***** Date October 30, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) It is an (o.k.) site, I met one guy and he turned out to be a very educated man, and not to mention he was very attractive. But looks can only get you so far I say, but anyways our date was (o.k.) as dult Friend Finder he lied to me about his marital status. I did not find out until 10 months later. By then I was emotionally invested! He broke my heart and my spirit. Be very careful out there ladies, have a PI run a background investigation on any man you develop a serious relationship with.. Lots of Smoke and Mirrors! Be Careful, for many reasons! Good luck, love is hard to find! Reviewed By desto Michigan dult Friend Finder dult Friend Finder