place for meeting people near your city and with common interest – and it’s FREE!!!!!!! So, like many people are starting to wake up and say, “Screw you Match”… allows you to be creative and view a person’s personality with more than just a bunch of dumb, pointless, and vague questions. You can post blogs, write your favorite stuff, give real background of yourself with more AultFriendFinder genuine guy and wow read no reply I set up a fake profile with interests down as just “things” but nothing else, just a crap shitty profile but a hot pic and I swear after 4 hours I had 35 messages from woman who contacted me. Alll saying “wow you’re hot” or “fancy a chat” Even when I told them they stood no chance with me they loved it and emailed me more Its easy and shows how dumb and AultFriendFinder it is free so every Tom, Dick and Harry will be on there. In a 4 day period I received over 40 emails from men where most of them had difficulty making a complete sentence. This is not a site for educated women or men for that matter by any means. Also you need to watch out for the married men! I ended up dating a man from this site.. Let’s just say his name is Dan, and he is back on, and AultFriendFinder AultFriendFinder