“compromising”, and in the end still unhappy and they can’t figure out why. Anyone that has time left, no expectation, and feel duped out of money, I encourage you to do your part in making the site a joke whether that mean pissing off beautiful people with too much expectation by standing them up or just sending out winks that you have no intention of responding to if they are requoited. AudultFriendFinder driven and one dimensional enough as it is, POF has simply provided another platform for these types of women to display these traits. Reviewed By Tebow FLA Sex Male Rating ***** Date October 30, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) @ the woman bicthing about fake profiles, maybe if you got zero replies (from people who claim they want fun, happiness, romance etc) you might AudultFriendFinder only out to have sex and use women, his profile says divorced, he’s been married for over 15 yrs. (second marriage) has 4 kids, he does own a business, but I would venture to say that everything else on his profile is a lie. I did a background check on him to find all this out. I even phoned the home number and his wife answered. I didn’t say anything, just hung up, but I really feel sorry AudultFriendFinder AudultFriendFinder