No,cancel. By clicking “yes” will this reactivate your entire account including the auto-renewal mechanism? Who knows. If you have a complaint about, their tactics, the auto renew policy (which the U.S. Code has provisions for consumers to receive a written notice PRIOR to the transaction) visit the Federal Trade Commission’s consumer complaint form: CUT AND PASTE IN BROWSER WINDOW AdultFrinderFinder br now “THEY” have found ways to nickel and dime you. It is free to sign up but now “THEY” add extra features and take away features unless you pay more than “free”. It’s just stupid to pay 8 cents to see if someone has read or deleted your email especially when I know it was already deleted before “they” put in that feature. And that was the last straw the prompted me to get mad and write AdultFrinderFinder br you defend yourself in a like manner, or “counterattack,” then you’re in danger of getting banned. Complaints to the site admin very rarely ever get addressed. When they do, they usually admonish the one complaining and not the one launching the attacks, especially if that person is a Gold (paying) member. The remarks mentioned above also are rarely ever deleted from the forums; oftentimes AdultFrinderFinder br stipulated by Lavalife. I’ve gotten smarter now. If an attractive women smiles at me, I ask to see their backstage. If she responds, I do not have to pay credits. She pays them. If she is not willing to pay to show me her backstage, then she is just wasting my time by playing games. Don’t spend a penny on a princess. You will get nothing in return but a kick in the pants. For many women, AdultFrinderFinder br