to respond, etc. They play with emotions cause they think it’s funny. Personally, I hope someone can tell me that such a site exists. Reviewed By advocate New Jersey Sex Male Rating ***** Date October 09, 2005 permalink Visit As bad as Match is (and it is the junk food of dating sites), the sites that belong to the Tango Wire chain are especially repugnant in terms of customer many of the guy’s live far from me, like in another state or 20 something. Many of the guy’s my age look like they are 10 to 15 years older. Help!!! I list in my profile what I am looking for and I don’t think I’m extra picky. I have turned down very handsome men! It’s not about that. I have been even nice enough to send a reply saying thanks but not interested in a nice way. That was a Rating ***** Date May 11, 2006 permalink Visit I think Perfect Match is a scam. How come none of my “perfect matches” have photos? How come no one answers the “request to post photos”? I have met tons of people through and through Single Parent I have yet to receive any communication from a member of Perfect Match. Reviewed By Allen Oregon Sex Male Rating he wasn’t interested and wasn’t curtious. Went for round two with another guy that held my interest. Nothing. The email was indicated that it was open but no reply back to even say “No thanks”. So I’m thinking what’s up with this, so I send out two more to different men and have the exact reply. NOTHING. Most people upon recieving a custom email at least email back with a no thank you. Lava