to numerous men, since the women never answered anytway, and told them what a bunch of worthless bitch asskissers they really were. I told the women what I thought of them. Might as well tell it like it is until the subscription runs out. I even posted a female profile to confirm what a bunch of bitch asskissers most men were. They make me sick, and if I could get my hands on them I would AdultFriend but now I understand that after you spend so much time on a site like that, you just stop caring. After not hearing from women for so long, I guess a lot of guys resort to crude messages. I mean, what do they have to lose? Seems to be the natural progression of online dating. I’ve been trying to go out more, and that seems to work a lot better. The way I figure it, the more time I spend AdultFriend had fairly similar interest…no models…let’s be real… The constants were…income, ethnicity style of the pics, height and some others. The variable was the person in the PIC for each of us…We found different pics of really good looking dudes and replaced them with ours or just created a new account so we can keep our account active.. Definition of a great looking dude.. well proportioned features AdultFriend … or lack thereof … on e-net dating sites are typical of the interaction that men can expect from the ladies. And here was I, naively assuming that my married status and 60+ age were putting the kibosh on my results 😀 A couple of years ago I tested my profile on Lavalife (they’re shysters, incidentally) by creating a second profile with similar similar physical stats and location for AdultFriend