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physically beat the crap out of most of the men for degrading my sex by kissing bitch ass. I was a worthless bitch in my fake profile, and the men who wrote were too numerous to answer. They kept writing no matter how badly I treated them,. I should have set up dates and dressed in drag just to kick their sorry ass, (or at least had them go to a gay bar for the meeting) but they weren’t AdultFriend Finder on that site, the more time I take away from actually meeting people and meeting a potential girlfriend. Reviewed By Buttercup Fresh Meadow Sex Female Rating ***** Date March 16, 2011 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) I recently signed up on POF and am not impressed with the quality of the male on there, and saw one error in a man’s photos that I felt deserved a mention. Don’t AdultFriend Finder and fairly chizzled features… EXPERIMENTS Independently at different times we decided to put pics of a great looking guy on there and see how much this really makes a difference. The pics were similar to ours in the sense that they were fully shots and head shots…but pretty basic. (Experiment A) I chose a chizzled faced white guy from another site with black hair. The pics showed nothing AdultFriend Finder a single 40 year old guy. In the six weeks or so that this profile was available, I never got a “single” (excuse the pun … I couldn’t resist 🙂 reply. It isn’t the lack of a picture that’s adding to the problem. I have been on AFF off and on (handle: alwaysLQQKIN) using the exact same profile with or without a picture. The few … VERY few .. promising responses I got were while I had AdultFriend Finder