wonderful experience that awaits you. Reviewed By a little scared so cal Sex Female Rating ***** Date October 26, 2006 permalink Visit To Dr. Phil, the one below (not the real one)…I’m not on an internet dating site and was trying to find out about it through some forum, so I found this one here. Anyways, you sound like a bit of a narcissist yourself and it’s funny how you bag AdultFridendFinder as having something interesting to say. I guess if you aren’t a good looking guy then you are pretty much screwed. I think looks play a big part on this site. Women on the other hand get several emails even if they have a blank profile because the men are pretty much desperate. One of the surprising things I have found is that nearly all of them women get sexual with me, even the ones that AdultFridendFinder 10, 2005 permalink Visit I have been a paying member off and on for about 6 years, and not only have I found it completely worthless, I am beginning to suspect that may be involved in all kinds of tomfoolery, up to and possibly including outright fraud. The number of responses that men send+the number of responses that women say they receive+the percentage of messages AdultFridendFinder mins respond with a “smile.” Once you try to initiate a conversation they drop off the face of the earth. So either there is a lot of people out there who change what they want in a period of about 10 mins, or the site has planted accounts. I guess either can be possible but if you change your mind every 10 mins…that’s probably a good indication of why you are on a dating website. LOL AdultFridendFinder