If you want to get into online dating make sure a) you have a thick skin and b) you don’t take things personally, otherwise you’ll suffer. Also, there are two things in very short supply in online dating, one is sincerity and the other is integrity. Read that again: sincerity and integrity – short supply. If you equip yourself with these facts then maybe you’ll be better prepared for the AdultFri A lot of guys complain that women don’t reply to their messages. Myself, I don’t message women on the site. I leave them message me. I feel if you message them first they always have that cad to hold against you. I get lots of mail from different women everyday. They say I’m handsome and my profile is interesting and funny so I feel you need to have the a good picture and be witty as well AdultFri prevention policy. Helps flag them internally for review. They don’t publicize it because spammers then work around the number. Not saying I like it or agree with how they handle it. Just saying that’s how it is. There is also a limit on how many winks you can send out a day as well. Not sure what the number is. Reviewed By TheLastManStanding California Sex Male Rating ***** Date November AdultFri Can’t win for losing. If you don’t drive a BMW or have lot’s of money, you can forget meeting these babes for sure. Have fun people! Reviewed By Eric Toronto Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 14, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife Well, I would have to say although I have met one or two people in the flesh from Lavalife, the site is a big scam. I have sent “smiles” to many people who within 5 AdultFri