for a while but the men I met were nice. No love connection but nice, decent men. If you’re a woman considering Match I’d say do it but be careful. There are some kind of crazy men on-line. Just like in the real world. However, if you’re careful, you read between the lines and you don’t fall for the come-ons, I think you can avoid the crazy men and find the nice ones. Reviewed By nick uk AdultFindler reviews at first. I messaged tons of women in my area and never got any response. They wouldn’t even give me the time of day. I blamed it on the site itself, and that the women on there were all shallow, just on the site to get their ego stroked, etc. I decided I would change my profile. I tweaked it and worked it. It changed from a typical profile that every other guy on the site had, nothing AdultFindler not comment on pending litigation. But Match spokeswoman Kristin Kelly said the company “absolutely does not” employ people to go on dates with subscribers or to send members misleading e-mails professing romantic interest. The company has about 15 million members worldwide and 250 employees, she said. In a separate suit, Yahoo Inc.’s (YHOO.O: Quote, Profile, Research) personals service AdultFindler of women get an inflated sense of self-importance because of it. What do I mean? This profile pretty much sums it up…To start with is she great looking? You can look her up and decide for yourself. Somehow she has the audacity to post this profile: “ASTRO_GIRL1 Know the rules – read my profile BEFORE contacting me! Hi. I have been here for several months, and it appears as though every guy AdultFindler