it was pretty clear that the timing of their e-mails, attractiveness of the profiles, and their non-responses indicated that those were Match employees whose job it is to send out “matches” to anyone who was near the end of their commitment or whom had not renewed [I wish someone who works for Match would confirm this unlawful practice]. Anyway, as to why the 4 stars: I discovered Match wwwAdultFriendFinder they are not receiving the responses i have a few things to sat.. if i have in my profile that i dont want to date men with kids,ex-wifes,or out of my ethnicity it mean i wont…so i ll not rreply even if u are Greek god looking guy.. u need to read profiles before msg to ladies .. Reviewed By candy New York State Sex Female Rating ***** Date October 28, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish wwwAdultFriendFinder many men are waaaaaaaaayyyyy to picky, others onnllllllllllyyyy want to jump from one woman to another for sex, others have no social skills, most are just a waste of time. I blame society more then POF really, the good men seems to be taken, I missed the boat somewhere. I will say this IF you realize most men will flake out on you and not even make it to date one, the few that make it to wwwAdultFriendFinder wwwAdultFriendFinder