It seems to me that Match has little regard for your needs as a customer. The most common site improvement requests by the customers have been ignored by Match. Has Match ever installed an email filtering system or labeled paying members profiles? About the only thing they’re trying to improve is the search system. In which case the search system was alright in the first place. I think Match dultFriendFinder experience with online dating, and I promise it is my very last. Reviewed By Trinitee11 Raleigh Sex Female Rating ***** Date October 29, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) I have read many of the reviews on this site and found them to be quite interesting. Many of the reviews have been negative, but it is opinions and everyone has one. I too have emailed men only to be ignored; dultFriendFinder kinda serious. The other player woman’s on here that i dated feel that i am a real good catch, and said how am i single line on me, just so i can talk to them,and all of them ended out being players. Even the fat ugly people i tried to talk to. One girl from Michigan had sex with her self over the phone, and said she was thinking about me, and then turn around and told me ah its not going dultFriendFinder dultFriendFinder