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is pretty crazy how these sites inspire your hopes with fake lines and then you find out they don’t do anything to facilitate their claims but pretty much make changes that aren’t really changes (as the last writer suggested). Sure, people are people and our culture is absolutely superficial. Men and women “don’t compromise” and find themselves 50, still single in fear that they would regret Audult Friend Finder who has created these ego states in women due to their attraction being based on no other trait other than appearance. POF persay is not the culprit but its ease of use and the potential for “picking up” and having ones ego fed are the real crimes. Women are already ego driven, superficial, materialistic, calculating, manipulative, insecure, inadequate, controlling, needy, demanding, cock Audult Friend Finder the same standards and values. But we have our share of differences and try to overcome them or learn from each other. Best person I ever met 🙂 Reviewed By BeBe Hesperia Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 26, 2011 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) Okay, so there’s this guy on POF user id MOTO3030, his name is Robert, STAY away at all cost. This guy is a super duper liar, he’s Audult Friend Finder Audult Friend Finder