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of 1 out of 50. So I decided to experiment and find out just what women are looking for. I changed my salary to 100,000 and didn’t get any responses. Then I changed my height to 6′ foot but nothing better. I did these because they seem to be, other than appearance, the two things women are choosy over. I had little success in both cases. At this point I have changed my pics and replaced Asult Friend Finder of members are false and automated (online today, unread/deleted). What POF really does though is create a space for people to become their real selves, ie, the self absorbed, superficial and materialistic people that many of them are. Im talking from a males POV and this site has given the opportunity for women to prove they are exactly what they have accussed men of being for centuries. Asult Friend Finder etc. Being a design student in a Fashion college (the main programs were mostly in Fashion), my school only consisted of either gay guys or just girls. It’s hard to meet new guys if there isn’t any (straight ones for that fact). My friend mentioned Plenty of Fish, and my reply was that online dating is not for young people (20’s) and it’s not free. I said this from what I saw when I browsed Asult Friend Finder Asult Friend Finder