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business practices and lack of ingenuity will lead to its bankruptcy at some point in the future. I for one am doing my part to speed up the process. I joined Match for one reason, to find a relationship with someone I found attractive and down-to-earth. Scrutinizing I was in my pursuit and as far as emails are concerned I was very eloquent but genuine. I’ve learned to NOT WRITE OUT OF EMOTION Alt Friend Frinder of times but at the last minute he gave me some b.s. excuse as to why he couldn’t make it,so whatever. Then,I tried to contact him only to have him ignore me,I guess once he figured I wasn’t just going to sleep with him,especially on the first night,he lost interest,so be it. No hurt feelings,I just say that just like with any other dating site AND in meeting people in the “real world” be Alt Friend Frinder they show to others anyway, so you may as well join in. Remember the magic formulas: 1) ugly + dysfunctional family background = damaged goods to be regarded as potentially dangerous 2) pretty + dysfunctional family background = a victim to be given the same respect and sensitivity shown to non-victims Reviewed By Anonymous Libra Montreal Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 26, 2011 permalink Alt Friend Frinder Alt Friend Frinder