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had only 1 reply to my emails sent out. Not that I sent out very many emails, there’s lots of women on here but very, very few that were attractive in any way. I had several women that I exchanged emails with for a week or two, but as soon as I mention talking on the phone or (gasp!)actually meeting in person, they promptly stopped communicating…And 2 of these women had contacted me first! Aldult Freind Finder The person is practically giving the information away and you are to stupid to read into it. Hence you can’t find a person on the street if you can’t even pick them up online. Money buys fake love… Personality earns real love. coreywhat on POF. Still looking but not really. IT’S A FREE DATING SITE PEOPLE. Get out, have fun, enjoy life, and above all CREATE MEMORIES!!! Reviewed By Anonymous Aldult Freind Finder THE FULL WRATH OF HATRED??? CAN I GO OUT WITHOUT BEING MADE FUN OF??? WITHOUT BEING CRUELLY TEASED BECAUSE I DON’T HAVE THE ABILITY TO ACCESS DATING SITES LIKE EVERYONE ELSE — YOU SICK BASTARDS HAVE ALSO MADE FUN OF ALL MY FACIAL FEATURES —- CALLED MY OUTSIDES AND INSIDES GROTESQUE— YOU ENSURE MY LIFE IS ONE OF LONELINESS AND PAIN — PAIN, PAIN, PAIN, PAIN AND TEARS THAT IS MY LIFE Aldult Freind Finder Aldult Freind Finder