to only exclude us most of the time). What a waste of my money and time. Reviewed By D. Pressed NY Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 20, 2006 permalink Visit Good for you Imposter! I posted here a couple months ago with my pathetic results on Match. 2 months into my 3 month subscription, I hid my profile and canceled my subscription. What a complete waste of time and money! I AfultFriendFinder and from Left to Right. Why would reading a person be any different than your aquired education from ELEMENTARY School. Everyone has an intuition but we neglect it, let’s call it something easier for the non intelligent people, like CONSCIENCE!! ALL dating sites are similar to real life meeting… The only difference in the order of meeting people from society and those online is the profile. AfultFriendFinder REGARDED AS “HANDICAPPED” AND INFERIOR. IT ALL REALLY FUCKING HURTS — AND I HAVE TO FACE CONSTANT NAME CALLING AND AN ALL OUT HATE CAMPAIGN AGAINST ME —- CAN I ENJOY LIFE??? AS IN GO ONTO ONLINE DATING SITES AND MEET SINGLES???? OR AM I BOMBARDED WITH FAKES FULL OF HATE- HATE- HATE INSTEAD?? CAN I ACCESS JOB BOARDS?? CAN I LOG ON WITHOUT BEING REFERENCED IN A DEROGATORY MANNER AND FACING AfultFriendFinder AfultFriendFinder