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***** Date February 20, 2006 permalink Visit If I could give it zero, I would. I’m African American, and I didn’t know until I signed up that most of them men on there (including many of the black men!) don’t want to date black women. So I’ve paid my money, and my pool of prospective dates is pretty small because the men continually will exclude black women (actually, they seem Afult Friend Finder think showing a picture of your penis means anything, let me correct you. It shows how young you are and that is it. Wanting 20 pictures means that your materialistic and for the most part not ready for a real relationship. So continue sending those pictures of your penis to women, those who are sluts will love it. Closing… When you read it is drilled into to you to read Top to Bottom Afult Friend Finder like money count more and my father has a home in the suburbs. But don’t people love to assume the worst with a less than pleasing face, especially on a female. All I can say is victim twice over. My life is suspicion, hatred, anger, hostility and aggression, and I just cry all the time in the face of such hatred. I lead a very PAINFUL EXISTENCE and find the HATRED, BELITTLEMENT AND BEING Afult Friend Finder Afult Friend Finder