At leat that way you know if there is chemistry right away, can see what they REALLY look like, and don’t have to waste time emailing back and forth and/or talking on the phone a bunch of times before you finally meet. I think there are some who do have luck with these sites, but it’s just that. Luck. Being in the right place at the right time. While I said I know a lot who have met online, AdultFrinendFinder. okay.. Other things are more important. I don’t even care if she is well educated, though I am. I try only women in my older age group. Because there are so many fish in the sea, most women are very very choosy about who they will meet, let alone date. Talking to them, if you even get the chance, is like interviewing for a very high security job (like the FBI) because anything you say may AdultFrinendFinder. originally joined I was hopeful and sent out numerous messages only to get none back, strange I thought just about everything profile on here has the following headlines “looking for kind hearted guy” “looking for honest guy” “looking for good hearted man” “looking for funny genuine man” “looking for man to make me laugh” How can I not get lucky here I thought seeing as I am all the above? AdultFrinendFinder. based on actual events (per chat/email use), it gives the women who use the site an unfair economic advantage. Per Use sites like Lava are fair if the overall population is not to your liking, and wish to wait until better candidates come along, thus not having to pay for the time wasted while waiting. Subscription sites are fair if there is a wide variety of candidates to choose from, and AdultFrinendFinder.