for both genders There were times when I was in pain. 3) Profiles are not given enough emphasis leading to too many conflicting expectations. I also admit to not pursing some women on match because they were not as attractive as others or didn’t match my “dream woman.” This is too bad and had we not met on match, we might have developed good friendships and possibly more. I felt relieved AdultFrindFrinder By James sopher cocoa fl. Sex Male Rating ***** Date December 08, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) What ever happened to “100% free dating” ?? It is just like every other dating site that makes promises just to attract members, but they do it under false advertising. They make enough money on the advertising, but greed takes over after a while. I hope they enjoy it, as AdultFrindFrinder members. 6. Forum moderators will participate in the forums and join in on attacks on other members, admonish members in the public forums, while ignoring certain others’ violations at the same time, and encourage those members to continue attacks against their victims. They will also tell you, in effect, if they don’t agree with your viewpoints, that you need to “try to get along with the AdultFrindFrinder free. Another thing to my US friends. Lavalife is based in Toronto. Unless you live in Toronto, there’s not much on the shelves for you. Don’t bother. I don’t search or care to meet anyone outside of a 25 mile radius of my home. Only logical. Some women contact me from 100 miles away. What are they thinking? I’m going to drive 200 miles return trip to have a cup of coffee? I have a date AdultFrindFrinder