By Matthew Washington DC Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 04, 2006 permalink Visit Although does help to expand the number of people you meet, nothing beets meeting the old-fashioned way. I agree with what most people wrote: 1) It’s all about looks and even looking good has its disadvantages. 2) The unballanced ratio of men to women fuels dysfunctional behavior/attitudes AdultFrindFinder com get started. I am unable to register, and there is no way to contact anyone there. There has to be a bug in their software, and I can’t get past the first page without getting the same two error messages, password too simple (which it isn’t and I’ve tried many) and that I haven’t copied the letters under the circles correctly (and I have). I tried for 40 minutes without success. Reviewed AdultFrindFinder com continual victim of troll attacks from that point on. 5. When they do ban certain people from the site, they do it without notice, warning, or explanation, and they do it without giving you a chance to defend yourself. They will claim it’s because you violated the TOU, yet many of their regular members violate TOU on a daily basis, and they’re allowed to remain, particularly the Gold (PAYING) AdultFrindFinder com 20-something contacts you with a generic profile, and all she wants is to meet a “great guy” with no caveats, you know it’s a lavalife scam. Their instant messenging feature simply does not work for many users. It does not work for me. Lavalife refues to adddess this technical issue. That’s okay, I don’t use instant messaging. That’s a scam, too. Use MSN messenger once contact is made, it’s AdultFrindFinder com