would not be nearly as attractive to the ‘potential’ subscriber. is far more concerned about hooking them than they are offering a legitimate service to it’s PAYING subscribers. 2) uses the auto-renewal mechanism. However, I’ve recently learned that they refer to it as “resigning” your account…leaving you with the impression that you’ll lose the benefits for which you AdultFrinder requests and that people like him give the site a bad name. I reported him to the ” management ” , the net result was I was removed and he was left untouched !!. I tried to protest and ask for an explanation for the ass about face result, but I was never answered by P/fish management!. Much later I came across another way to contact them whereupon they cancelled my ” account ” and said don’t AdultFrinder in how to manage dating site forums in a way that is fair and equitable for everyone. A few of the ongoing problems encountered on this site: 1. If your opinions echo that of the majority of forum participants, particularly that of Gold (paying) members, you won’t have any problems. 2. If they don’t, and if you post your opinions without “offending” anyone (and you never know what might AdultFrinder to because I am not physically attracted to them. (I wish Lava had a free way of contacting these women to say thanks but no thanks. It’s only polite. But they don’t.) The few I am attracted to I contact. Many have messaged me at their own expense. Some, not many, have responded to my smiles. Now I play the waiting game. I simply wait for the fish to come to me. As women age, they are not AdultFrinder