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have already paid; they don’t dare give you a prorated credit. After you’ve “resigned” your account, you’re advised that you still have full benefit of the site until your subscription expires. However, the next time you return to the site, you’ll be taken to a screen that says “Your membership is currently resigned. Do you want to reactivate your membership and log in?” Yes,continue or AdultFrinderFinder ever try to rejoin as their software will catch me out. So all in all, not a very nice set-up or honourable people. Reviewed By Maxamilliustaroni maximilliusworld Sex Male Rating ***** Date December 15, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) 12/11/2010 Well I’ve used plentyoffish for several years. But RECENTLY I’ve seen it’s “DECLINE” into the greed world. It “WAS” free but AdultFrinderFinder offend someone and what might not) then you’re in danger of being blocked from the forums and/or your profile being deleted. 3. Certain members, particularly Gold (paying) members are allowed to get by with saying anything they please about whomever they please, including insulting, belittling, disparaging remarks and innuendos down to outright lies bordering very closely on libel. 4. If AdultFrinderFinder so fussy about making the initial contact. Don’t come on lavalife looking for a beautiful 21 year old. Look for a beautiful 36 year old. Or even a beautiful 46 year old. I have had many conversations with women and have gone out on about 8 dates so far. No matches yet. Another feature would be a filter mechanism so that you can only be contacted by people fitting a certain criteria as already AdultFrinderFinder