within as little as 5 miles. However, what they DO NOT realize at that time is that many of these people are mere “members” who can not be contacted! Why wouldn’t place a small icon next to the profiles of actual subscribers? …so we (people who have PAID for the service) will not waste our time composing emails to those who WILL NOT EVEN RECEIVE IT! I’ll tell you why; the service AdultFrindeFinder journey to my place. I made special arrangements to receive him but he never turned up. Then a few days later he got in touch again, I made arrangements to receive him but again he never turned up. And yet again he contacted me a few days later, and needless to say he never turned up so I sent him a message on the site saying as HE had made all the approaches, it behoves him to honour his AdultFrindeFinder of that. As a dating site, it is one of the best. However, as far as how Matchdoctor governs its forum participants, the site is one of the worst insofar as how its Terms of Use are mandatory for some members, and are more lax for other (specifically paying) members. The owners and/or site admin and/or moderators are, apparently, very young and immature and have not been very well trained AdultFrindeFinder forget it, too many “golddiggers” on the West coast to keep up with. Final analisys for california men: Unless you are 5’11” plus with a well toned body don’t even go here. Reviewed By Mark Newmarket Sex Male Rating ***** Date July 10, 2004 permalink Visit Lavalife I’ve been on lava for a few months now and have had a ton of women respond to my ad in the form of smiles. Most I do not repond AdultFrindeFinder