ask a lot of silly questions. 5) various bells and whistles. The not so good things about this site are the inability to search by postcode within the UK. If I could, I would make a lot more use of this service, given the credit system and decent interface. Unknown things: customer service. Lavalife seems to keep a pretty low profile. I haven’t had any experience with them, good or bad. AdultFrienfdFinder uk up to set up a date. I missed one email with one woman, and now I’m banned for life. Pretty draconian, huh! This is the only dating site I’ve ever joined that takes the word of one person and bans you, without ever getting your viewpoint of the situation. I told the woman I would email her to set up a date. I forgot to email. I got banned the same day. Reviewed By Matt Essex Sex Male Rating AdultFrienfdFinder uk gay women, sorry but thats not my thing, maybe they should try to find another gay woman to talk to and not someone whose straight and they would never have a chance with! Reviewed By G Sex Male Rating ***** Date January 25, 2010 permalink Visit OkCupid Complete waste of time. The women on this site are only in it for the “chick crack” – the quizzes and tests. Since it’s free, it’s a great AdultFrienfdFinder uk meeting in person to find out that the person is not for you, and never was for you from the very beginning. If you do fall for this trap, you will find yourself feeling hurt, frustrated, and ready to quit the online route when a few simple precautions could have saved you all the agrevation. Last but not least. Avoid the stupid IM thing Lava has. A lot of people have problems using it, AdultFrienfdFinder uk