***** Date January 01, 2004 permalink Visit Lavalife Lavalife is better than many, but not quite good enough. It is fairly user friendly, but for someone outside the US, it has poor search features. The good things about the service are: 1) the ability to say what you like instead of being limited to multiple choice boxes. 2) the ability to make short-term payments instead of having an on-going AdultFrienf our first date, we have been inseperable. And are planning to get married this year! So…never give up they’re out there, and thank you POF, for helping us to find our soulmates. Reviewed By curvelover61g San Diego Sex Male Rating ***** Date December 30, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) POF has a rule that men’s photos can not be shirtless. Now, I don’t know about the AdultFrienf okay, but honestly I don’t think alot of the people on there know what they want. Either that or they have ulterior motives. It’s more fun for the personality assessments, and less for the actual matches. Plus I keep getting messages from random uninteresting guys who just want to chat, not to mention older men who seem to think they can have any girl they want. Lmao I’ve had better! Reviewed AdultFrienf a movie theatre chair. I am not saying this to make fun of these people or be cruel, but it is a very real problem at Lava when people do not show a picture of themself, or only a headshot. So remember, you are not being unreasonable to ask for a picture to be up BEFORE you use YOUR credits to contact them. Once you begin contact, gently approuch subjects that may be of a concern to you, AdultFrienf