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subscription. I don’t subscribe to services where there’s a monthly fee. The credit system at Lavalife is a real plus. 3) a nice interface. I do have to say that it’s not all that easy to navigate. I think having Dating/Relationship/Intimate categories makes things unneccesarily complicated. 4) it’s low on the silly nonsense factor. The profiles stick pretty much to the basics and don’t AdultFrienfdFinder rest of you all, but I do swim without my shirt, in the presence of people of all ages. Men can not show themselves in swimwear. Women can. How is that fair? I got kicked off because a woman and I had a disagreement offline. She didn’t like how I conducted myself in an offline email, so she complained to POF and they kicked me off for inappropriate behavior. My crime? I forgot to follow AdultFrienfdFinder By Doodles PA Sex Female Rating ***** Date April 10, 2010 permalink Visit OkCupid It’s ok, not the best, not the worst. The quizzes are fun, gives you something to do instead of just browsing profiles. I went on one date with a guy. He wasnt a bad guy, just not my type. The only problem I have with it is the lack of available men in my area. Also, anyone can email you. I got emails from AdultFrienfdFinder and find out the answers before you agree to meet. For example some may hide the fact that they have children, or some may never want children. Some may be unemployed, some are very active while others are not active at all. If any of these are “must haves” for you, find out during the email stage. Don’t wait until weeks have gone by.. after countless emails, phone conversations, or even AdultFrienfdFinder