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Agree with Cornflower and sickofmatch girls. Also, watch out for people that hide their profiles, usually it is because they have another girlfriend and their pretending to be off match, now come on, why else would you need to hide it…to many emails, come on!!! Reviewed By S.P. Ft. Lauderdale, Fl Sex Female Rating ***** Date December 02, 2005 permalink Visit Wow! What a detective AdultFrienedFinder member login loose out on physical looks. I really need help…. Picture the verbal equivalent of a large group of men in a circle around a helpless female kicking her around on the ground and laughing while she is laying there bruised and bleeding, too weak to stand, and a few evil females standing on the side lines throwing rotten fruit to add to the mix….I really need help. These evil people are AdultFrienedFinder member login been on long enough to confirm this–is that OkCupid might have the same major problem as Plenty of Fish…it’s free. No, I haven’t contradicted myself. FREE can work both ways. The upside of free is that it is great to receive a valuable service at no cost. The downside of free, to me, means that at least some of the members are just playing around and are not taking the site itself, and AdultFrienedFinder member login (Deepest apologies to those expended cretis to instant message me before I managed to get this working under Linux.) Now (what you don’t want to hear) some pointers: Gentlemen: (1) Don’t have a profile unless you’re willing to buy and spend credits. (2) There are more men than women on these online sites. Yeah, it stinks, but suck it up. Post a decent photo of yourself (preferably a professional AdultFrienedFinder member login