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me at, I would like to hear about it. Also, if you have hidden your profile from view but it mysteriously keeps turning back on by itself. P.S. I would like hear from Paul in Canada about his experience with match… e-mail if you happen to read this posting. Reviewed By hiding profiles Escondido, CA Sex Female Rating ***** Date December 02, 2005 permalink Visit AdultFrienedFinder login and I can’t handle this much longer. I am forced to read the fake’s nasty messages in the hope that there is a real man out there who is writing to me with a genuine interest and I can’t handle being forced to listen to what they have to say since it’s the verbal equivalent of a punch in the face. Yes, gang bullying on a single helpless female that has never done anything wrong other than AdultFrienedFinder login it seems great. The ladies “on paper” (or should I say “on screen”) seem as good as those on any other dating site I’ve tried, and better than some. The photo displays great, larger and clearer than I remember seeing at any other site. I like that you have the option to check profiles openly or anonymously. And, you can’t beat the price…it’s free. My only concern–and I admit I haven’t AdultFrienedFinder login credits, respectively. In other words, you will have credits you cannot use because they do not make up a unit. What’s more, is it really worth it to spend $15 to send 8 emails? If you’re like me (exceptionally picky) possibly. Otherwise, you’re a fool for buying credits on Lavalife. Other problems: Excessively “busy” web pages. Confusing site navigation. Poorly implemented instant messaging. AdultFrienedFinder login