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such as by a fence, in a field,beside a barn. etc.; with the text never mentioning anything specific about the location. Usually have similar activity times as they are logged in together, as if someone logs them in one after the other every few days. I made one a favorite one time, and followed her through as she changed cities. Sometimes the profiles disappear and come back later. If this AdultFriendrFinders search “harleys”. It seems every man has to have a pic of him sitting on a motorcycle. Always makes me wonder what they trying to compensate for? Doesn’t impress all of us! Ladies, just be careful, but I have meet some nice guys for drinks and have had some fun. But don’t count on too many second meetings, many people on this site are just serial daters…you get used it it!! Have fun ;). Reviewed AdultFriendrFinders search Female Rating ***** Date December 01, 2005 permalink Visit perfectmatch has 2x the men as women. when a man signs up he gets a webpage that announces that 65% of all profiles on perfectmatch are women. women aren’t told that only 35% of the profiles are men. and these stats have no direct correlation with paying members. a friend (male) who created a perfectmatch profile AdultFriendrFinders search buying credits on Lavalife. Other problems: Excessively “busy” web pages. Confusing site navigation. Poorly implemented instant messaging. (Deepest apologies to those expended cretis to instant message me before I managed to get this working under Linux.) Now (what you don’t want to hear) some pointers: Gentlemen: (1) Don’t have a profile unless you’re willing to buy and spend credits. (2) AdultFriendrFinders search