but I’ve found that the women needed to feel superior. Most men want the security of being in a long term relationship. Unfortunately many women make that imposable by being too demanding and high maintenance. I now accept the limitation and for the most part I use to satisfy my sexual needs. I became the very thing that women complain about men. I can only fake the chivalry part AdultFriendrFinders guy on POF called me all the time and we started to get to know eachother. He worked nights and had a daughter so he didn’t have much free time. I still hear from him and he deleted his profie from POF a few weeks ago. I have mine blocked since I don’t see anything new that interests me. Don’t like the fact they changed how you can’t see if your message was read and how they show the time AdultFriendrFinders Rating ***** Date February 05, 2006 permalink Visit I read the books for Baby Boomers and dating. This was the site they said. Ha! Just as everyone else has said, they are like e-harmony and that ain’t good. Neither one have guys interested in meeting you. I’m not even sure they have real breathing guys. They sent me a perfect match, I went to respond to him and it was closed AdultFriendrFinders replies. I won’t deny Lavalife’s system works in favor of women, I could go into an explination of this, but I am reviewing this site, not evaluating on-line dating in general. The problems have been pointed out by others. The greatest of these is credits. For this discussion, I will refer to a “unit” as the base cost for initiating communication. One unit buys an email message or twenty AdultFriendrFinders