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post: “I want to have fun/looking for fun” — yeah, that’s meaningful. However, in the last few days I have been amused with the number of fake profiles just in the Atlanta area, and in my saved searches. I generally only review my saved searches – 30-42, christian, non-smokers, etc. Look for 2-4 professional photos of very attractive girls/woman; usually one or more in a natural setting, AdultFriendrFinders login Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) Hey, it is what it is…free. You just have to learn to read between the lines, if a guy (or gal) is 45+ and their longest relationship is 3 years long and they have 3 kids, this would be a red flag! And yes, if someone says they are a few pounds over weight, assume alot more than that ladies (and gentlemen). One last thing, not all of us ladies are into AdultFriendrFinders login my personality, not because of any matches I received while a member. I found the site difficult to use and I got almost no “Perfect Matches” during the time I was a member. When I did use the search feature to identify men that might be compatible, there were very few within reasonable (50-75 miles) distance. Not worth the money, in my opinion. Reviewed By watchful reviewer east coast Sex AdultFriendrFinders login are divisible by six. These may seem like a lot of credits, but they only amount to 8, 16, and 33 units with a remainder of 2, 4, and 2 credits, respectively. In other words, you will have credits you cannot use because they do not make up a unit. What’s more, is it really worth it to spend $15 to send 8 emails? If you’re like me (exceptionally picky) possibly. Otherwise, you’re a fool for AdultFriendrFinders login