some of the jerks that are out there. I vaguely recall seeing a site like that, but that was before I was actually a member of It would be nice if there was some place where we could warn each other of the fakes, chronic flirts, and the guys who are writing just for their own personal humor or fun. To some guys it appears that it’s just a big game to see how many they can get login nothing else better to do but surf the profiles. Same old guys with the instant message and online now. The only reason I joined was because I am 47 (look like 30 something) divorced 2 years ago and all of my friends are married. How do I go to bars or places by myself to meet someone?! I am attractive, in shape, very nice and my photo’s are all current. I have received many e-mails but login my “Perfect Matches” have photographs, and all are incompatible with me. I seriously doubt I would date any of my “Perfect Matches” if I met them at a party or a friend introduced me to them. I wonder how the Duet analysis compares with a random encounter with a person? Overall I’m very disappointed with the site and have already canceled my subscription. Reviewed By Michelle Miami Sex Female login to guy 1 with access to photos which where professionally done. Pretty casual but excellent quality. I’m a professional model and when I had a picture posted public on another site with a similar profile I had a crazy amount of response. I wrote a great email to this guy expressing interest. I know it was opened but didn’t even recieve a “Not interested”….I recieved nothing. Just thought login