had been bad and so internet dating did work, the emasculating quality of getting NO RESPONSE from the 35 other women I had emailed to get to those 2 women I dated was NOT WORTH IT. For any guy with high standards, especially on looks, approach a woman in person where she’s not guarded or has little expectation i.e. Barnes N Noble, Grocery Store, Church, Doctor Office. Otherwise, if you AdultFrienedFinde gate. Here in Utah they are also not shy about labeling you as a whore or slut either. Amazing, double standard, as so many of them are also involved in that activity….! I would say that you have to have kahonies of steel to wade in this pond! I too would love to add a message about a real con man who takes women for a ride financially after telling huge lies….his name is MIKE MCHERRON….he AdultFrienedFinde free. Reviewed By John Amherst, MA Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 03, 2011 permalink Visit OkCupid I really like okcupid. My 29 year old son who lives in SF, turned me on to it. He has had a lot of luck with it, meeting and dating a number of cool women he met through the site. I have just started, but so far I think their system works great, in matching me with good prospects. I am starting AdultFrienedFinde a little experiment and hotlisted a bunch of guys that I found the most attractive within a specific demographic. I had a well thought out profile chalked with good humour which had done extremely well for me on another dating site. I sent an email to guy 1 with access to photos which where professionally done. Pretty casual but excellent quality. I’m a professional model and when I had AdultFrienedFinde