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Boys, Jerks, Married Men, Players come off as un-needy, fun, etc, and thus are able to take control of their relationships with single women. The way these guys act toward women causes these womens’ emotions to stir, and these women become obsessed with feeling more of these emotions. You have to remember that women define themselves by their feelings and their relationships. These guys AdultFriendFinder search site is just a piece of the puzzle for having fun. But I have not given up on finding a loving, committed relationship through a website, but will not “hold my breath” waiting for it to happen either. Reviewed By Aqua Backside of Nowhere Sex Female Rating ***** Date February 25, 2011 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) I have some criticisms with regards to Autumn in Seattle’s AdultFriendFinder search account was active again and that my bank account had been charged for another 3 month subscription. After several emails back and forth with customer service (and I use the term customer service loosely), I was basically told they could not (would not) refund my money, but I could cancel my subscription at that moment and just use the site until it ran out. Well, I did just that and haven’t AdultFriendFinder search Match and eHarmony may be the biggies, maybe even Yahoo is in the running, but they all suck to the depths of hell as far as men are concerned due to the severely skewed male/female ratio. 30 free emails for 30 days would keep a steady flow of women posting trial profiles on any major website. Lavalife had the biggest ripoff pay policy of all. They had automatically signed me up to receive AdultFriendFinder search