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within 12 hours of signing up. Thirty dollars to them? Peanuts. Customer service? Priceless. Reviewed By Mike Powers They’re after me! Sex Male Rating ***** Date October 01, 2006 permalink Visit Good Boy, Bad Boy? The age old question. Here’s the simple one sentance answer to that question: Women define their relationships with men on what kind of emotions they experience! Bad AdultFriendFinder member login guys that no woman will be interested in someone if he does not care enough to post a profile picture where he appears well groomed/thoughtfully dressed, and or if he posts a picture of himself holding up a big, slimy fish he caught. I am not unattractive at all. I am well educated and have good job. I have a very active social life, so the occasional date I get through an online dating AdultFriendFinder member login Rating ***** Date October 27, 2005 permalink Visit I would give and their customer service a -100 if I could. I paid for a 3 month subscription and after being severly disappointed with the turnout, opted to cancel it a good 48 hours before it was supposed to renew. I knew they received my request because I could no longer access email, etc. Two days later, I found my AdultFriendFinder member login of its ripoff corporate mentality way of doing things. could institute the same policy as Matchmaker once had due to its leadership in the marketplace, but it will NOT in order to rake in immediate profits. I hope somebody with the financial backing will build a website along the lines of the old Matchmaker and kick all the current FriendFinderesque websites into virtual oblivion. AdultFriendFinder member login