AdultFriendFinder english You can’t fault a dating service for the people who use it. However, you can get angry when they offer no support or assistance when needed. A guy started stalking me – he was somehow able to figure out who I was based on my profile (still not sure how). The folks at were complete jerks, incredibly unhelpful and wouldn’t give me a refund – even though I asked for one AdultFriendFinder english probably scammers. And if the guy is in his 50’s, and has never had a relationship last more than 5 years—there’s probably a serious problem there also… However, I have not had any luck finding someone on eHarmony, or either. Lots of back and forth communication via email, but the guys drop the ball when it comes to actually planning a date. And someone should really tell these AdultFriendFinder english guess that sometimes their computer errs. but if you’ve had a problem, you should contact the better business bureau ( i think you can write to the bbb online. generally, firms tend to respond quickly and solve problems when the bbb contacts them. just be sure your letter to the bbb is clear, logical, and suggests the solution you think is fair. Reviewed By C Arizona Sex Female AdultFriendFinder english way of giving away at least 30 free emails with a 30 day free trial period, that website will explode in popularity. Matchmaker would have kicked’s butt back to at least 2nd place if Lycos hadn’t screwed up the site with their chintzy ripoff Friend Finder way of doing things. Now even Lycos is a hasbeen outfit, and it deserves all failures in the marketplace it has received because AdultFriendFinder english