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those who post profiles up there. In the past one year I subscribed to Match couple of times, spent countless hours sending messages and at the end of the day, it was waste of time & money. Most women who post there profiles there are either fake or their heads are seriously screwed up and are only interested in generating some attractions, play around and waste other poeple’s time. Then Adult Friend Finder sign in for his next victim. I am sure this site is doing ALMOST everything it can to keep predators like him off their site, but there are other safeguards that can be put into place and ultimately online dating on any site is just not safe. We are still legally married, I have a restraining order against him, I carry a handgun to protect me and my children from him and he still regularly registers Adult Friend Finder sign in Adult Friend Finder sign in revising the bio — all this can be fun and build anticipation. And I didnt have to wait long before I was on some dates. Maybe Im old fashion, but I found I really prefer meeting people socially. I think that if this is difficult for you for career or other reasons then ll could be an option. Its not for everyone. Personal observations/minor rant: I would recommend sticking with the Dating Adult Friend Finder sign in