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people often don’t put photos online for fear of attracting the wrong type. These kinds of people want the potential date to like their profile first and then find out what they look like. This is my opinion is a misguided strategy, especially if you are a woman. It would be disappointing for two people to communicate online for a while only to realize later on that there was no chemistry. Adult Friebd Finder The only reason my review is not five star is because it is VERY expensive to me, but this does help to limit the potential matches to those of means unlike the unlimited access to those online services posting profiles on free sites. What quality control would you get there? Reviewed By Frederick St. Louis, MO Sex Male Rating ***** Date May 05, 2009 permalink Visit Great Expectations I, Adult Friebd Finder have some self-esteem issues and might require constant reassuring that you are beautiful (which you probably aren’t). BOTTOM LINE – if you are overweight, and you put your REAL weight in, I totally respect that and see you in a much better light than those who leave it blank…just a tip. Reviewed By sr Illinois Sex Male Rating ***** Date May 13, 2006 permalink Visit JDate I posted my profile Adult Friebd Finder they don’t give me a day older than 35=38. So Mark, pick up some of those old movies then watch and learn. Reviewed By Adam Whitby, Ontario Sex Male Rating ***** Date July 10, 2005 permalink Visit Lavalife I decided to try Lavalife Intimate Encounters a few weeks back. Oh my, what pain in the butt the CSR staff are. I was censored to death with content and pictures. I finally gave up after Adult Friebd Finder