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me. First, if you made that much, why would you need the partner to make that as well? Second, it reveals the limited perspective some people have about money and happiness. Do you really need that much money to be happy? (I’m in a less expensive region of the country, but still…) 2. Do include several photos, including a body shot. If you include more than one photo of your pet, that Adult Frend Finder door. This is the same with any business. Savvy consumers with good negotiating skills can garnish several discounts off of the quoted prices, however. Funny how so many people never even bother to ask for discounts from this company. Those same people write in to these sites to complain about the “lack” of service received for the money that they paid. This is equivalent to buying a gym Adult Frend Finder blah). If you’re on the East or West coast, try Jdate. There are hundreds of good-looking women among the thousands that are not. But I don’t think you’ll find a soul mate. It’s more amusement for the perpetually bored. Reviewed By guy in LA LA Sex Male Rating ***** Date June 04, 2006 permalink Visit JDate This isn’t a complaint about Jdate itself as much as it’s a message/question to many Adult Frend Finder channel those negative vibes into something a bit more productive (as someone suggested). Otherwise, I’m afraid my crystal ball sees a lonely road in your pitiful future. Come to think of it, these are probably the most responses you’ve ever gotten online, isn’t that right cupcake? Too bad it’s from people who still would never want to know you. Reviewed By Fraxinella Toronto, Ontario Sex Adult Frend Finder