some type of prize totally oblivious to the fact that my income allows me to get whatever I want. LOL!!! It’s been hilarious. Some of them are so desperate, I’ve even called them other women’s names (on the phone, NEVER in bed!) and they STILL ended up horizontal! WTF!?! (Talk about lack of self respect..sheesh!) The best thing about Match is that if you have nothing to do Friday night, didn’t work out, so I figure why not see what they can offer. So I went in for an initial meeting…First off the woman I was supposed to meet only came in to talk to me after about 45mins of waiting and the whole process was THE BIGGEST waste of my time! It took two hours and instead of her selling me on this service she completely made me Never want to date or sign up for a dating service New Yorker Reviewed By Margot New Jersey Sex Female Rating ***** Date March 16, 2006 permalink Visit I’ve been a member of Match for 7 months and have had a very disappointing experience there. I consider myself a very attractive woman and my profile was very specific about the honorable, sincere person I am, the qualities I’m looking for in a man and that I want a committed, long-term getting any credits back. Send a smile, get one, send a message. They delete their account without reading your message. Too bad, you are out the credits. They change their profile and you decide you are no longer interested, bet you have already sent a message but they haven’t read it, Too bad, you can’t cancel the message and get your credits back. Then there are all of the fake profiles.