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of the Match system, and they kept blatantly trying to get me to renew my Match membership so we could keep in touch. I was tempted to renew it, but I did not, after one of the new contacts found out that I was not going to renew, she said that she only talks to people who renew. That was when I was about 99% sure that the woman was a Match employee who was trying to fool me into thinking Adu tFriendFinder and techniques to steal your money. What is even the annual or bi-annual percentage of success stories at GE? I am sure nothing but scam… It is a business anly buy to use its tentacules to rip you off. STAY AWAY FROM GREAT EXPLOITATION AND GREAT DECEPTION. Reviewed By Wendy N Denver Sex Female Rating ***** Date October 21, 2009 permalink Visit Great Expectations Great Expectations is a Adu tFriendFinder just now and see that she says she is in London but if you look at the photo there is a car in the background with american license plates. If she was in London, the license plate would be long rather than square. Sounds phony to me Reviewed By Chris Ohio Sex Male Rating ***** Date March 25, 2006 permalink Visit There’s a woman with gorgeous pictures by the ID “heidihp222” that Adu tFriendFinder think everyone is a great catch normally anyway, right? Whats really a major point of problem with lavalife is the relative inconsitancy with reviews. At times, my profile would be approved in seconds, others it could take *days*. As well, some reviewers are overly choosy, claiming details as a general description of your job as too much information. Infact, my poor choice of extra info Adu tFriendFinder