down and they are so full of themselves that I don’t know who would want them. Reviewed By Shannon Oceanside, CA Sex Female Rating ***** Date January 08, 2007 permalink Visit Match.com I’ve been on and off match.com several times. In the past, I was always able to meet people. It seemed like people (some, at least) would respond. Now, no one responds. I mean it. I’ve sent about 20 emails aAdultFriendFinder I looked at a lady’s picture, that was who I met. It wasn’ta picture of her 40 pounds or 15 years ago. They did not allow retouching of their photos and they took all the photos so there were no games. Remember, this service is geared toward busy professionals who are seriously looking for a relationship. It is not for those who want a pick-up.? Reviewed By Em Colorado Sex Female Rating aAdultFriendFinder I must pay an extra fee! So match.com doesn’t let you know if you are sending emails to paying customers (so the recipient can actually read them), and if you are a paying customer, you must pay still more to determine whether your communication has been viewed. Dr. Phil is now affiliated with match.com and has an advice section available. I joined thinking I would be able to read his advice, aAdultFriendFinder is the inability, or lack of effort from the site, to attract women. I have experienced many of the same things people here have mentioned. For example getting no response (similes and messages) and having women disappear while knowing that I’m a decent looking guy, have a decent profile, and have not done anything wrong. Just think of lavalife being a night club. Often clubs have an event aAdultFriendFinder