it was pretty clear that the timing of their e-mails, attractiveness of the profiles, and their non-responses indicated that those were Match employees whose job it is to send out “matches” to anyone who was near the end of their commitment or whom had not renewed [I wish someone who works for Match would confirm this unlawful practice]. Anyway, as to why the 4 stars: I discovered Match wwwAdultFriendFinder they are not receiving the responses i have a few things to sat.. if i have in my profile that i dont want to date men with kids,ex-wifes,or out of my ethnicity it mean i wont…so i ll not rreply even if u are Greek god looking guy.. u need to read profiles before msg to ladies .. Reviewed By candy New York State Sex Female Rating ***** Date October 28, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish wwwAdultFriendFinder many men are waaaaaaaaayyyyy to picky, others onnllllllllllyyyy want to jump from one woman to another for sex, others have no social skills, most are just a waste of time. I blame society more then POF really, the good men seems to be taken, I missed the boat somewhere. I will say this IF you realize most men will flake out on you and not even make it to date one, the few that make it to wwwAdultFriendFinder wwwAdultFriendFinder


The next two times I did not fall for it, but used the e-mail as a reminder to renew [I do not consider Match subscription rates so high, especially compared to what a weekend of bar hopping or other “search” activity costs nowadays. Before I go on to why I rated Match 4 stars, permit me to comment that none of the females who had contacted me had responded to me in any way whatsoever, so www.AdultFrinendFinder.org yet..and few days ago i ran ito his profile on POF …with the same lies about the age and religouse. the point of the story is that if u see that someone lies even about the minor things just leaaaave..dont sat and hope that it was nothing and the only lie he said.. specially when it comes to religion yes religioun is deal breaker for sure.. p.s. what about cpmplaints from the guys that www.AdultFrinendFinder.org honest with himself then he would have spared me the heartache. He’s still on there, why I couldn’t tell you he dates about every 1 or 2 years maybe to show his family he actually want’s to date, but in reality he doesn’t really want to and says he’s just picky so breaks up with women for no actual reason after several months. The point is honestly if it is not one thing it is the other, www.AdultFrinendFinder.org www.AdultFrinendFinder.org


compelling “match.” Of course, since my membership had lapsed, I could not contact these attractive, ideal matches. I found it very suspicious that it was only at renewal time or when I did not renew, that I would get females rated “10” in my book, contacting me and expressing interest. Match’s trick worked the first time, I renewed so to send an e-mail to the hottie who had contacted me. www.AdultFrinendFinder.com merried only to a muslim girl of his ethnicity…and we could stay together ..date but never end up with anything ..i was shoked ..bc i didnt expect someone i loved to treat me that way..sure i broke up with him..and asked him to send me my and money i gave him for his car and lawyer (he ve got fight bc of me ,bc some guy was looking inaprorietly ) guess what i didt get anything from him www.AdultFrinendFinder.com then I email them to reciprocate and never hear from them. FLAKY,FLAKY,FLAKY that is the men (women too apparently) on POF. I actually found 1 man in all those years who I had a realtionship with, he seemed pretty perfect except he was frankly “ASexual” he seemed to be making a galant effort to be in a relationship but it could never work with his sexuality. If he would have mearly been www.AdultFrinendFinder.com www.AdultFrinendFinder.com


can see some of it on their site, “under help me howard” BEWARE!!!!! Reviewed By Michael San Francisco Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 14, 2006 permalink Visit Match.com I would have given Match 5 stars, but for there one questionable practice they had, and maybe still have. That is, whenever it came up for renewal, this happened 3 times, I would get an e-mail from an attractive and www.AdultFriendrFinder.org i decided to give it a try..we ve been dayting for 1year..everythign seemed great exsept of the part meeting his parents..he was making the excuses that they were very strict and he needed time to prepare them to meet his gf..so i was ok wih that bc i loved him..but after an year of dayting one day he called me and told me that his parents were pushing him to get merried and he could get www.AdultFriendrFinder.org I am not overly picky but selective enough to want a normal decent man around my age. Yet what have I found on POF, several men who want to email forever and never actually meet, others who email, set up dates then never show up with out the courtesy of a phone call to cancel, others who use the feature “Meet me” and you can click yes, no or maybe and they say “yes” they want to meet me www.AdultFriendrFinder.org www.AdultFriendrFinder.org


By annonymous nj Sex Female Rating ***** Date February 16, 2006 permalink Visit Match.com from my statistics ( I have done extensive research) aprox one quarter of the profiles are scam artists, most out of nigeria posing false photo’s and identities. NOT GOOD. Most of the dating sites have the same statistics. It is truley unbelievable. The WB 11 in NY covered the story last night. you www.AdultFrien met someone who i liked a lot..bc he seemed respectfull ,caring..polite/ knew how to treat a woman .. he lived in columbia ..owned the house ..was working as a manager ..so it was like everything was real..he had in his profile that he was 30 non religious man..then it turned out that he was 26 and religouse muslim..i wanted to end up our relatioship but bc i was already in love with him www.AdultFrien want you to sent them money in Africa. DON’T FALL FOR IT! Never send anyone money for any reason, they are just playing you to get your money. Reviewed By lstangelgirl California Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 04, 2011 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) Where do I begin, I have been using POF for about 3 years off and on. I am an attractive, intelligent, decent, normal woman. www.AdultFrien www.AdultFrien


as I mentioned, 3 others I dated at least a month, and 2 other became friends that I still stay in touch with. I also keep in touch with 2 people online that I did not meet in person, but we share common interests. Overall, I would say my experience with Match.com have been much more positive than negative. Just be smart about it, and put effort into finding someone and you will. Reviewed www.AdultFrenFinder.com date, but more along as a meetup. You’ll find dodgy people who don’t match their pictures almost on any dating site. Just ask for more pix if that’s the case. Reviewed By georgianlady maryland Sex Female Rating ***** Date October 28, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) well let me think..i am normal looking girl and i was getting a lots of replies from alots of men..then i www.AdultFrenFinder.com Rating ***** Date May 04, 2011 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) One more thing about POF and the other dating websites in general. If someone has really poor english, says they are a widower, look like their picture was cut out of a magazine, yet their profile says they have a degree etc… They are a scammer!!! They are on there beware!!!!!!! They will con you for weeks then www.AdultFrenFinder.com www.AdultFrenFinder.com


or AIM I avoided dating at all. Always keep your own saftey in mind, especialy be careful about giving out personal info like your home address, or your primary email address that would be really inconvenient to cancel if you needed to. At the same time realize there are some amazing people to be found. In my year and a half on the site I met about 10 people in person, 1 is my current girlfriend www.AdultFr a lot of them had stuff to hide. It’s all a damn joke. Reviewed By Rebecca New York Sex Female Rating ***** Date October 28, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) It’s great this site is a free site. But as with with any online site, do not give out personal information. Have a very casual meet with the person if they seem OK during the day. It should not be classified as a www.AdultFr will tell you they want a relationship and want to meet and have you spend money on them but when it comes to dating there is always an excuse. I have heard stories about the guys on POF only looking for a one-night-stand, but the women only seem to want someone to buy them a meal. It’s a joke, nothing but misrepresentation of who people are. Reviewed By lstangelgirl California Sex Female www.AdultFr www.AdultFr

www AdultFrindFinder com

have very high expectations which are not met by online dating. It’s work, just like meeting people in every day life. You have to put yourself out there, you have to make the effort to get in touch and get to know people, and you have to be sure to be safe about it. I met some fun dates, I also met some dates that were not fun at all, and then there were a few that after talking via phone www AdultFrindFinder com will people get that it’s not always the way you look? Maybe it’s the way you come off. Anyone who has time to play those kinds of games needs serious help. Plus, there were too many people on there that were just looking to text you all day, have long phone convos or chat in IMs for ever..basically do the whole online fantasy bullshit..instead of just meeting up…which made me feel like www AdultFrindFinder com I think POF attracts men who are not working, don’t have a life, and want to use women. There must be a better way! Reviewed By john USA Sex Male Rating ***** Date May 12, 2011 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) POF is a joke. I have been off and on this site for a while and found only game players on here. it seems all the women want is a free meal or a night on the town. They www AdultFrindFinder com www AdultFrindFinder com

www AdultFriendFinder cm

about a year and a half. During that time I did not see any shady practices on behalf of Match.com and I was quite satisfied with the site. I have heard that they changed their method of handling email for non-subscribers lately which, if true, is disapointing. Unfortunately people see online dating commercials, and how nice they look, then they forget what the world is really like, and www AdultFriendFinder cm October 29, 2010 permalink Visit Plentyoffish (Plenty Of Fish) The matching system is a joke. There were a lot of people on there that couldn’t just accept that you weren’t interested. If you didn’t write them back..they would keep messaging you.. until you had to get mean or block them.. and then they would come back and make another profile account with fake pics and message you again.When www AdultFriendFinder cm (Plenty Of Fish) I have tried POF for about six months. The men I met did not look like their pictures…they were about 10 years older than depicted. Being old fashioned, I preferred to wait until a man contacted me. That didn’t happen too often. I met about 5 men in person. After a nice conversation over an ice tea, and a promise of “I’ll call you,” I would not hear from the person again. www AdultFriendFinder cm www AdultFriendFinder cm

www AdultFriend Finder

The only thing great about Match is it’s pretty site layout. This is why I say, Match is just like a beautiful woman with an ugly personality. Reviewed By pball1223 MA Sex Male Rating ***** Date February 17, 2006 permalink Visit Match.com I met my current girlfeidnd of 18 months via Match.com, and it’s one of the best relationships I’ve ever had. I was a member of Match.com on and off, for www AdultFriend Finder respect, love, character, honesty and integrity. In the end and down the road you will see the words that I say are true. I would far more prefer a man with the above qualities, than having a man where I always have to wonder where he is or whether or not he truly loves me. Let’s just be honest! Say what you mean and mean what you say. Reviewed By Kat florida Sex Female Rating ***** Date www AdultFriend Finder and if you get an email bare in mind they will have 30 other men lined up. More chance of winning the lottery what is even funnier is people who join looking for friends, its a “dating” site Pathetic site filled with pathetic humans. I hate POF with a passion You get what you pay for!!!!!!!!!! Reviewed By margaret Florida Sex Female Rating ***** Date May 16, 2011 permalink Visit Plentyoffish www AdultFriend Finder www AdultFriend Finder